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"The Internet has offered us many facile ways of expressing approval (like, favorite, share) but few ways of being kind. It might be that the greatest act of kindness on the Internet is to be quiet. Not to be forever silent, but at least listen and learn before expressing outrage or anger, and to realize that kindness will not always take the form of approval."

A beautiful meditation on kindness by Casey N. Cep.

As I’ve written before, it’s more important to understand than to be right – and we often forget that, online and off.

Pair with Albert Einstein on kindness and a lesson in handling trolls from Benjamin Franklin

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"Love is bitter and all there is… the rest is for the emotional beggars of the earth."

Zelda Fitzgerald, who married F. Scott on this April 3,1920, on their turbulent love in an extraordinary letter (via explore-blog)

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"Uncertainty is where things happen. It is where the opportunities — for success, for happiness, for really living — are waiting."

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Sure, puppies are cute, but they’re also quite complex. At TEDxZurich, systems scientist Nicolas Perony uses YouTuber Robert Gann’s Scottie Pinwheel to show how complex social structures emerge from a group of individuals following a common rule (here: keep access to milk).

Watch Nicolas’s talk to understand more about the simple rules that drive some of the astoundingly complex social behavior of other animals — like bats and meerkats.

Watch the whole talk here»

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Routledge’s Miniature Library - Language of Flowers c1880

Peach Blossom = I am your captive. Pine-Apple = You are Perfect. Pomegranate = Foolishness

Measures 70mm x 97mm

There’s some great stuff in here. I never would have though that pine pitch would be included in a book about the language of flowers, but apparently you can tell someone you think they’re quite the deep thinker by presenting them with a blob of it. And boy oh boy, you better be really careful about which pinks you present your love with! And do be sure they’re either a true single or a true double. You could really mix your messages. And let’s not overlook the delicious persimon. What a message! ~AR

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"How many times can a person fall in love? Apparently, if you average it out, two-and-a-half times. Men are slightly more inclined to believe in a third-time love than women."

From Douglas Coupland's notes on 21st-century relationships. Kurt Vonnegut, meanwhile, believed that you’re only allowed to be in love three times in your life.  (via explore-blog)

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A Boy And His Atom. The worlds smallest stop-motion film. 

A team of IBM scientists created this short animation by moving individual carbon monoxide molecules using a scanning tunneling microscope, infact it can only be seen when magnified 100 million times. For this film the Guinness World Records awarded them the title of The World’s Smallest Stop-Motion Film.

The film uses Carbon monoxide molecules which have one carbon atom and one oxygen atom on top. The scanning tunneling microscope itself is operated at a temperature of -268 degrees celsius on top of a copper plate because copper, in combination with carbon monoxide, produced the most stable atoms for moving. The microscope essentially acts as a needle that drags atoms across a surface using magnetism.The ripples around the atoms are caused by the disturbance in electron density in the copper atoms when a carbon monoxide molecule comes close to the plate. Very similar to the way water ripples when you throw a rock into a lake. 

The film was developed in California, USA and lasts for 60 seconds read more about that research here. The research is part of larger efforts at IBM to reduce the physical size of data storage on computers. It shows the story of a boy named Atom, who befriends an atom and goes on to dance, play catch, and even bounce on a trampoline.

Source video here. How it was made here. Download the movie here.

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